How Long Does It Take for Athlete’s Foot to Go Away?

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Athlete’s foot is a kind of fungal pores and skin an infection that’s sometimes gentle and goes away inside 2 weeks, though it might take longer in some circumstances

Athlete’s foot is a kind of fungal skin infection that’s sometimes gentle and goes away inside 2 weeks. Nevertheless, in some circumstances restoration might take longer if the an infection is critical or impacts the toenails. For individuals with diabetes, athlete’s foot might take as much as 4 weeks to clear up.

Nevertheless, even when handled with antifungal drugs, athlete’s foot might take a number of weeks to go away and are available again after remedy.

What causes athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot is the results of an infection brought on by fungi known as dermatophytes that usually dwell on the pores and skin, hair, and nails. Such a fungus thrives in damp, heat environments and feeds on keratin, a protein discovered on the highest layer of the pores and skin.

Danger elements that may make you extra susceptible to this an infection embody:

Pores and skin allergies
Excessive sweating
Tight socks
Weak immune system on account of critical medical sicknesses or unwanted side effects of medicines
Circulation points within the legs on account of diabetes or slim blood vessels
Swimming or utilizing public showers typically

Athlete’s foot is contagious, and fungi can enter the pores and skin by way of small cracks or wounds and infect the highest layer by way of direct pores and skin contact or contact with flakes of pores and skin in swimming pools or communal showers.

Athlete’s foot can have an effect on anybody (not simply athletes) and is estimated to have an effect on 3%-15% of the inhabitants. Males and older individuals are extra more likely to develop the an infection.

What are the indicators and signs of athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot often impacts the soles of the feet and the pores and skin between the toes, particularly between the little toe and the toe subsequent to it. In some circumstances, it may have an effect on the toenails, resulting in thick, yellowish, and brittle toenails. Indicators embody:

Redness, peeling, cracking, and flaking of the pores and skin on the toes
Itching, stinging, or burning sensation
White patches between the toes
Blisters that will ooze

How is athlete’s foot handled?

Athlete’s foot doesn’t go away by itself. If left untreated, it may unfold and result in fungal nail infections. Remedy of athlete’s foot often includes antifungal lotions, gels, powders, or sprays, which can be found with no prescription. Severe infections, nonetheless, may have prescription drugs.

Residence treatments that may assist deal with athlete’s foot embody the next:

Tea tree oil: Rubbing tea tree oil on the realm twice a day can scale back itching, burning, and swelling of the pores and skin.
Vinegar: Whereas not confirmed, it’s believed that soaking the toes in a mix of vinegar and water might help ease signs.
Neem oil: Neem oil has potential antifungal properties that will assist when utilized 2-3 instances a day to the pores and skin.

Are you able to forestall athlete’s foot?

Because the fungus wants a moist and damp setting to develop and survive, the next preventive measures might aid you keep away from it:

Keep away from sporting tight sneakers or socks that may make the toes sweaty
Take off sneakers and socks as typically as attainable
Pat toes dry after a bathe
Wash socks and towels frequently in scorching water
Keep away from walking barefoot in public locations or locker rooms
Don’t put on the identical sweaty sneakers again and again; permit them to dry
All the time take bathe after exercise
Totally wash and dry toes after utilizing a public bathe or frequent altering room
Don’t share towels, socks, or sneakers


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